Friday, August 13, 2010

gay autistic nazi serial killer jeff goldblum

I invented a new game for myself, but you can play too. List every way that at least two people have independently, nonjokingly described you. I appear to be:

  • Gay
  • A serial killer
  • In the military
  • Literally retarded
  • A Nazi
  • Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
  • Jeff Goldblum

Sheldon is the one that bothers me the most. That guy has no sense of humor. Also, Inception sucked. It's one of those movies where the writers put way too much thought into everything except the characters. No, they had to be trying to make us not care about the characters. Remember the time you accidentally killed your wife in a dream experiment and had to win some gunfights in another guy's dream so you could see your kids again? And you were a boring pain in the butt? Anyone can relate to that.