Monday, December 6, 2010

the singularity is revolution power something

I saw embarrassing nude photos of NASA before they went public. By "embarrassing nude photos," I don't mean anything as superficial as astronauts' junk. (But let me know if you have any.) I mean I got a peek at the soul of the organization and saw its ghost junk. No, I mean I heard about their stunning arsenic-life announcement the day before they made it. And now, I know the announcement is probably (There're two links here!) wrong. This is from reading blogs. I'm a regular jackoff who occasionally finds out stuff before relevant scientists do.

Now I could write a blog post about how this impacts society, as a thinly veiled complaint that no one at work was impressed by my predictions, but I won't, because "impact" is not a verb. I know language is supposed to evolve, but that word sounds stupid in verb form.

The impact on society is this: Governments are losing credibility. Well, they're losing what was left over since the Magna Carta and the Renaissance and Fascism and Communism and McCarthyism and Oil-for-Food, WMDs, and DMVs. I guess they had a lot of credibility to begin with. The world is getting leaky. The internet gave it hemophilia. The recording industry has already bled to death. So have newspapers. The old systems are dying!

I'm a regular jackoff one step away from the cutting edge of science, and you can be too. There are some science blogs right there on the sidebar. Leakiness is a feature of our future. It puts power into the hands of John Q. Public. The only question is how he will wield it. And the onlier question whether he can wield it better than Jenny Q. Ivory Tower. Our growing experience in the Age of Leaks should be answering that question, but it's only making the answer seem more elusive. They're both idiots.