Sunday, January 3, 2010

vacation pictures!

My computer got stolen, and I've been busy with classes, and I went on vacation. That's why I haven't been here much. I guess I'll have to come up with a really great post to make up for it. So get ready because I'm about to unleash the coolest shit you'll ever see. Vacation pictures!

The brown people are my niece and brother, the Terminator was my college roomate, the white people are my bitch and friend Nate, the fish in the Christmas tree was his, the middle fingers are all mine, and so is the bigger penis.

Meanwhile, I saw Avatar and I have to review it. The "Yay nature!" aspect of it was totally disgusting. What's the motive of the planet-mind/spirit thing? To keep the balance of life? That's just survival. A thinking thing should have goals beyond that. Preserving nature isn't an end in itself. Nature sucks. It's full of things that eat each other and die painfully. We only preserve it because it's our only means of survival. If you're a super planet-mind thing and you control everything, then to keep the creatures eating each other, never leaving the planet, and never really doing anything with their lives, would be pure evil. Maybe she has some big purpose beyond our comprehension, but if she can't think of any way to work toward that purpose without making creatures eat each other, I don't trust her. They should have put that stupid planet out of its misery.

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