Monday, July 19, 2010


I've been wondering for years why there have been two Mel Gibson movies where the British are just way more evil than there's any apparent reason for. Not much of a pattern, but still suspicious. Finally, I've found an explanation. At least it's a theory. That's all I need. Now, when someone asks why Mel hates the British, I don't have to shrug and bore my questioner anymore. I can say, "His fanatically conservative Catholicism goes so deep that he still hates the British for the Reformation. Copyright Chris Hitchens 2010."


  1. Soooooo i am hrequesting you write another pice for your page. At least four per week ;)

    some topics you could write:
    [at your own interrpretation]
    the girl on top
    becoming one with earth for an hour a day..why?!
    orgasms suck if,..

    you can disregard these...but this makes up for the time we dont talk...
    have a nice eveing!

  2. girl on top:

    Regarding the sex position, it's not my favorite. I don't know why. I must be a misogynist. No, I feel like humping in step with the girl takes too much effort and concentration. It must be the same for girls when I'm on top. Those poor girls.

    becoming one with earth for an hour a day..why?!

    The only way to become one with earth is to be buried and rot. You can't do this for an hour a day. And I don't know why you'd want to. I see we agree on that last point.

    orgasms suck if,..:

    No idea what this means. Are you trying to find out under which circumstances an orgasm would be bad? That would be pretty unusual. Orgasms are like the go-to example of good things. But unusual means interesting. So let's see. They suck if you've had too many at a time and they get painful. They feel flat and boring if you weren't aroused well to begin with. And they might be bad for you if you get addicted to them and other aspects of your life suffer.