Monday, November 1, 2010

shit shit shit!

A couple months ago, I saw the president on the TV, and thought, "Oh, yeah, I've got to get ready to vote." So I went to my Senate candidates' websites and looked at their respective "Issues" pages. They were mirror images of each other. More research was going to be necessary before I decided who deserved my drop in the ocean. Fast forward to this morning: I haven't researched anything, and the voting place closes at noon. And I work all day tomorrow.

I'm like, "Shit shit shit!" Back to the "Issues" pages. Still the same. I check the House candidates' sites, and they're the same too. I watch some commercials, and read some Wikipedias, and they're still the same. My socks are still on. Nobody's knocked my socks off. I agree with them on nuclear power and biotech and gun control, and disagree with them on baby killing and mutual assured recession. I even check on the Libertarian candidates. I shudder when I see the words "Tea Party" and "support" in the same sentence. ("I" and "the" are in there too.) I voted for a Libertarian once, back when I thought it meant voting for Reason magazine. The real candidates were Bush and Kerry, so no regret there.

Anyway, I agree with all my candidates, and they agree with each other. (By "all" I mean "federal". I don't have time to deal with some local bullshit. ["I agree with federal my candidates"?]) So it's my day off, I'm in the early voting line for a race that doesn't matter, about to do something I thought I never would, wondering if I'm going to go through with it, right up till pen hits bubble.

Party ticket!!!

Come on, who wouldn't? Everybody love ass.

Meanwhile, on the Blacktor Follow Up, remember when I said Lady Gaga's an ink blot? Here's another example! An evangelist calling her an evangelist. Spooky.

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