Monday, August 3, 2009

dear fools and smart people

I'm still bored! This sucks, but it'll be over soon. Speaking of, anyone in San Diego who wants to get together with me on graduation day, coordinate with my parents in the comments section.
I did enough pullups to pass the PFT (3). And I got smoked the other day. That's the 7th time. I hadn't been smoked since those first six times in the first week. I'll see how long I can avoid it again.
I haven't gotten any blog replies since Inari369's initial "Good Luck".
Thanks, Becky, and sorry for the herpes.
I expect there's a huge pile of letters from the internet, and they'll get to me the day after I graduate.
My one plan to fight boredom is thwarted.
If there's anything my experience can teach the world, it's don't join the military!
Play some video games or something.


  1. Steve-

    Congrats on the upcoming graduation... when is the big day? Are you planning to be back in Terre Haute? Hope so - we miss having you around.

    Good luck on the back stretch.

    Dan Gisel

  2. I love you, Steve. In a gay way.