Saturday, August 29, 2009

dear fools and foolettes

It's been a while since I updated.
I've been using all my square away time for serious business. I'm up at night doing laundry now.

Dan, I graduate Sept. 11, but with MCT and MOS school, I won't be back in the Haute till around Christmas.

Nate, sorry, I can't engage in gay conduct as long as I'm a Marine. Unless Obama changed that already. It's hard to get news here.
I've been smoked 7 1/2 times now. A couple days after that 7th time, I was doing pull-ups, very few as usual, and a DI said, "You're weak. go get smoked."
So, I joined a group of recruits who were in the middle of a smoking session. they only had one minute left to go once I got in. So I count it as half a smoking. I should get smoked more often, but I don't know if I can volunteer. I should try. I prefer exercising on my own time though.
Not much interesting has happened. As you know by now, this shit is boring.
Exceptions: One recruit in my series accidentally shot himself in the foot. And one recruit in my platoon tried to flee at night to the freeway.
He got caught one step out the door.
We knew what he was doing because he'd packed MRE's and left a note. He got dropped from the platoon later for poor performance on the rifle range. I suspect he shot poorly on purpose.
It's funny because one of our DI's, the dramatic, sadistic one, would often point to the I-5, which was only a stone's throw from where we slept, with only a 3 foot fence between us and it, and say, "There's your way out."
Someone tried to take his advice.
I should go to bed before I get caught writing this or overtiming on firewatch.
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  1. What are you allowed to do there anyways?

  2. Nothing. I was either following orders or standing still and shutting up.