Thursday, September 3, 2009

going to crucible brb

I start the Crucible tomorrow night.
It's my one last hope for a nonboring time at boot camp.
We rappelled two days ago and even that was boring. It was 2 hours waiting in line, and 3 seconds of sliding down a rope. I forgot to look ( flag saluting break) down, so I didn't even get a thrill.
So, I'll be a Marine this Thursday. If you want to fuck with me, you better do it before then.
On Sept. 11, I'll be chilling in a hotel with some dudes from the platoon. If you want to come by, mail me your number. Here's my address again.


Or here's mine: [UNNECESSARY]. Whatever.
There's a website that's supposed to have a video of my platoon doing stuff.
Click 3rd Battalion, Lima Company and Platoon 3250. Tell me what's on it.

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  1. hi steve,got your letter two days ago I'm trying to call you always voicemail and it is full call me any afternoon 894-7676 would like to talk to you. More power to ya and take care.Hoss