Thursday, November 12, 2009

like a boss

Marines like to write stuff in rocks. Here's the front of the Student Reception Center:

We also like to landscape with sand more than anything else. I thought that was something they only did in boot camp to make our lives miserable. But no, I'll be dealing with sand for the rest of my career.

Anyway, here's what appeared in front of my neighbor's room this morning:

This is what it's referring to. We were singing a "LIKE A BOSS" cadence in PT the other day. Someone tried to start an "I'M ON A BOAT" cadence, but it didn't catch on. Nonetheless, Andy Samberg and company are popular here.

I'd been following The Lonely Island for years on the net before they became famous. When I learned about their SNL gig, I was surprised Andy was the main guy. I was like, "Andy? That guy's a cunt. It should have been Jorma." Anyway, I feel special for knowing about these guys before all my peers did. I feel like I deserve a fucking medal.

Meanwhile, I moved into a new room, and I inherited the last occupant's girlfriend.

He hasn't come looking for the pictures in several days, so he must not miss them that much. I don't know which one's the girlfriend, but I like to assume they both are, as if he's some kind of super player. And now they're mine.

I don't want to end on such a creepy note, so here's a funny rap battle.

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