Thursday, November 26, 2009

sweet spot

The long, slow process of breaking down matter that once fueled a bird's hopes and dreams and rearranging it to fuel my fatness began on a farm somewhere, and will soon come to an end in my body. Happy Turkey Life Force Absorbing Day!

Meanwhile, I've discovered the last piece in a cosmological puzzle that's been bothering me for a few years. It really ties up the universe nicely. Actually, I haven't discovered it. I've read about some guys speculating about it in New Scientist. Those guys are Lee Smolin and Louis Crane, and the puzzle they introduced me to all those years ago was an evolving multiverse. The idea is that the Big Bang was caused by a black hole in another universe. And whenever a black hole forms, it creates another big bang on the other side, or backward in time, or something. If black holes pass on the traits of our universe to their baby universes, with slight variation, then the whole system would be just like evolution.

Another puzzle is the fact that all the universe's fundamental numbers, like the charge of an electron and the strength of the strong force, seem suspiciously fine-tuned to make this universe capable of producing stars, and carbon atoms, and life. This comes up all the time as evidence for God, or multiple universes.

The final piece that ties that puzzle into the first one was revealed in the article. Smolin said he was afraid to reveal it before, because it was too crazy. Here it is: One of those fundamental facts about our universe that seems suspiciously fine-tuned, is the size of an artificial black hole you'd need to build in order to make a good space ship engine. It turns out to be just right, as if the universe is optimized so that we can build space ships out of black holes. A cute little symbiotic relationship.

Obviously that's stupid, but it's cool. The evolving universe hypothesis had been bothering me because it's so close to an good idea, but I just knew it was missing something. Not anymore. I feel like I just read a whole sci fi story with a meganeato premise, and no boring ass characters or plot to waste my time.

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