Monday, June 13, 2011

super face

I saw Super 8. Spielberg had his hands somewhere on this film, so I knew there were going to be at least a few lingering face shots. But he didn't actually direct it, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. Holy shit was I wrong.

I'm not saying Steven Spielberg is obsessed with human faces. No, wait, I am.

But I thought he was aware of his problem. I thought he'd been getting help. I didn't expect him to find an enabler.

Speaking of J. J. Abrams, all his movies have the same monster.

As with any good monster movie, the audience mostly sees it second-hand.

(There's a mild spoiler ahead, so watch out.)

And then at the climax, the the hero saves the day by staring at the monster's face for a while. I'm not kidding.

The story was pretty cool. The disparate plot lines integrated seamlessly. Some of them were sappy, but the seamless integration and pacing were good enough that the sappiness could be enjoyed or ignored according to the viewer's taste. And there were lots of faces.


  1. Your review was seamlessly erudite, well written and extremely cogent re:the Speilberg influence.
    This bodes well for your future as a writer and general commentator on the human condition.
    Walter Cronkite look out.
    Oh Wait, He's dead isn't he. Well, then you are a shoo-in.
    Love your work. Rx

  2. you should write about the KSG shotgun from Kel-Tec && let me know if youre excited about it.