Friday, June 4, 2010

abby is a nut

I wanted to post this nataliedee comic before,

but I didn't feel like I had enough of an excuse. Then yesterday I ran by the most boisterous rattlesnake I've seen yet, and the day before I got covered with big red ants. And I still have peeling sunburn skin. Sand in my shoes is a constant. I must rub oil all over my body to keep my skin from shattering like a sandblasted bottle of blood, and that was true before the sunburn. And today I's just walking around in the heat, thinking I don't like the desert. So I've been having a great time watching these anti-nature skits.

Meanwhile, I found out that Dear Abby is still around and super unhelpful. A lady wrote in worried that ghosts were going to watch her doing it, and Abby said they might indeed!
DEAR SPOOKED: Calm down. The departed sometimes "visit" those with whom their souls were intertwined, but usually it's to offer strength, solace and reassurance during difficult times. If your mother-in-law's spirit visits you while you're intimate with her son, it will be only to wish you and her son many more years of closeness and happiness in your marriage.


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