Sunday, June 27, 2010

communicating evolution

This is me in 10 years.

I went to fact check him, and all I found were size comparison guy after size comparison guy waving. Why do they always wave?


  1. congrats on both military awards. proud of you, but not surprised. youre a top notch fella when it comes to strategically planning how to stay on the top...
    i dont care for your new fb profile pic. you look younger and lose the adult appeal... i also am not surprised to see you attacking a shroom disguised as a brain with your face...... one question 'howd ya feel afterward?' green the correct answer? idk...just guessing by the pychodelic color scheme youre rocking.
    well have a safe journey back to indiana. to bad they couldnt send you somewhere more promising than here.. .

    :/ its ashame.

    im sure your wife will enjoy 'seeing' you tho lol, jk...bad full of them i suppose... (bad jokes, not wives...screw them women are frivalous)

    so have a nice life. live for a while and post interesting blogs. i feel like ive already one very simiiar to this...esp the guy waving part.